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​Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST)

​The RPS is proud to offer the 2012 updated Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST). This training was developed under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies contract.

Registrations for upcoming SAPST Trainings are available below. Costs for the SAPST are $200 per person. If you are funded by the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) Community Prevention Programs registration is $100 per person. Discounts may be available for those not funded by OBH if you are registering 5 or more people for a training. For more information on upcoming SAPST trainings, discounts, or to schedule a training for your group of ten or more email the RPS project at  

​SAPST Overview

​"The SAPST provides an introduction to the fundamentals of substance abuse prevention based on the current knowledge and practice in the field. This training is designed to prepare practitioners to reduce the likelihood of substance abuse and promote well-being among individuals, and within
families, workplaces, schools, and communities."

 The SAPST was developed for individuals new to substance abuse prevention or early in their prevention career (1–5 years of experience). It is also appropriate for professionals in related fields who may have limited experience in prevention. While the focus is primarily on preventing alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, the approach to prevention presented in this training is applicable to other behavioral health issues as well."  (Source: SAPST 2012) 

SAPST Credits 

SAPST Registrations

This training is endorsed by the Colorado Prevention Certification Board and is required for a Colorado Certified Prevention Specialist (CCPS) II credential, or re-certification if you were a part of the grandfather process.

The training provides 31 hours total hours toward the following CCPS domains: 1. Planning and Evaluation (7 hours) 2. Prevention Education and Service Delivery (6 hours) 4. Community Organizing (6 hours ) 5. Public Policy and Environmental Change (6 hours) 6. Professional Growth & Responsibility (6 hours).

The SAPST is also eligible to receive 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through Adams State University in Alamosa, CO for an additional fee.

​Who Should Attend

  • Prevention/Intervention and Health Professionals
  • Youth Service Professionals/Workers
  • OBH-Funded Contractors
  • School Counsleors/Health Teachers/Health Educators
  • Community Advocates
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
  • Faith-Based and Religious Leaders
  • Volunteers/Concerned Citizens

​Course Overview

​As part of the new SAPST curriculum, there is a mandatory on-line component (worth 5 hours credit) prior to the face-to-face class (worth 26 hours credit) for a total of 31 hours. Participants are required to attend the training from beginning to end so please be mindful of your ability to be in attendance for the full training before you register.

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of substance abuse prevention based on current knowledge and practice in the field.
  • Overview of the history of drug use and prevention, drug facts and key terminology.
  • Overview of prevention research and theories, including the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and the Public Health Model.
  •  Overview of Behavioral Health and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, including the Institute of Medicine's Model of Prevention.
  • Use of cultural competence and developmental strategies in prevention.
  • Community assessment and systematic, comprehensive prevention planning, including logic models.
  • Assessing and strengthening community readiness and capacity.
  • Training in evidence-based strategies, selection and implementation.
  • Developing an evaluation framework using the logic model and other tools.
  • Evidence-based marketing strategies in prevention.
  • Resources and networking for prevention professionals