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​Bridges Out of Poverty

​The RPS has certified trainers in Bridges Out of Poverty, a workshop based in part on Dr. Ruby Payne's A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Bridges is a workshop that has application for anyone whose work connects him/her to the lives of people in poverty.
Bridges Out of Poverty introduces a framework (or larger perspective) for understanding poverty. It focuses on economic diversity, not cultural diversity and it addresses skills, policies, and procedures to enable organizations and communities to be more skillful in their work with individuals living in poverty.

​A Bridges workshop will provide the following:

  • Give examples of hidden rules among classes (poverty, middle class and wealth)
  • Analyze the eight resources of a customer or employee to build on the strengths of the person.
  • Explain how economic realities affect patterns of living.
  • Explain language registers, discourse patterns, and story structure.
  • Explain how mental models are effective interventions for cognitive and language barriers.
  • Identify principles for improving outcomes with individuals from generational poverty.

To learn more about Bridges Out of Poverty and/or to schedule a workshop in your community, email the RPS project at