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​Consultation Services

Frequently Asked Questions​ ​

​Q:  Why is consultation provided?

A:  Consultation is provided to help strengthen local community work with children, youth, and families. Our goal is to help build capacity within local communities to help ensure long-term sustainability of services.

​Q:  Do I have to have funding from OBH to get consultation?

A:  You do not have to be an OBH grantee in order to receive consultation services.

​Q:  What does it cost?

A:  Most often, short-term consultation and support is free. If longer-term or intensive support is necessary, we can discuss fee for service options through OMNI.

Q:  I'm interested in what you have to offer. Whom should I call?

A:  Check the map in the Contact Us - find your region - then contact your Regional Prevention Consultant!