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​Community Mobilization & Coalition Building

​Brief description of topic: Community mobilization/coalition building is essentially people coming together to address an issue in order to achieve community level change.

The basic assumptions fundamental to community mobilization are:

  1. Local people, equipped with current prevention knowledge and skills, are in the best position to solve local problems.
  2. People support what they help create.
  3. All facets of a community must be involved.
  4. There is no one strategy or initiative that can create the desired conditions.
  5. A comprehensive, inclusive, developmentally sound plan is needed as a foundation.
  6. Accountability, assessment and evaluation are essential for success. Community Mobilization for Prevention – Southwest Prevention Center –

​Getting Started Workbook

​To help communities with community mobilization and coalition building we have created the Getting Started workbook. We have attempted to provide a very comprehensive resource for this very important process. Up front planning is especially valuable when you are working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders in developing a comprehensive strategic plan or working on achieving community-level change. Our instinct is often to forge ahead and “get something done” and is not uncommon to question the need for all the planning, meetings, and process-focused work. Having said that, the time you take up front to preplan and get key players participating from the outset will pay off exponentially when you get to the “action” phases.

This Getting Started workbook is very comprehensive and best completed in sequence. Depending on your community, you may already have some of these components in place. In that case it is simple enough to just make note of that and move on to the next step.

Listed below are the main sections found in the workbook. For the complete workbook and corresponding tools please download the Getting Started workbook.


Getting Started Workbook.pdfGetting Started Workbook

​Workbook Sections

  • Strategy I: Identify Coalition Coordination/Facilitator
  • Strategy II: Form a Core Work Group
  • Strategy III: Inventory Existing Community Services
  • Strategy IV: Engage Key Coalition Member
  • Strategy V: Community Change Process and Timeline
  • Strategy VI: Preparation for Initial Coalition Meeting



Coalition Assessment Tool-Brief.pdfCoalition Assessment Tool-Brief
Coalition Assessment Brief.xlsCoalition Assessment Brief
Coalition Assessment Toolkit.pdfCoalition Assessment Toolkit

​Coalition Assessment

This assessment was designed to assess key factors that influence your coalition’s success. The tool includes the following dimensions: coalition context, coalition structure, coalition membership, coalition process, and coalition results.